Hospital Corridors

Sereniti rubber flooring stands up to rolling gurneys and other equipment and the constant foot traffic hospital corridors experience. Slip resistant, resilient, and easy to clean and maintain, this extremely durable floor is available in the design of your choice.

Waiting Areas

No one likes to wait, that's why building a comfortable, quiet, attractive space in your healthcare facility is so important. Calm the nerves of your waiting guests by installing attractive, easy-to-clean, durable cork floors. Your guests will love it and your staff will love it, too!

Hospital Reception Areas

Exceptional sound absorption and excellent stain resistance, Sereniti rubber flooring has it all for your hospital. With its long-lasting durability and low maintenance, you can count on this floor to perform for many years. PVC free, low VOCs, and LBC Red List free, so you can be assured it meets standards for indoor air quality.

Patient Exam Rooms

CorkCore creates a comfortable environment for patients and are easy on the feet of staff members.

Hospital Surgical Corridors

Both highly durable and decorative, Sereniti rubber flooring stands up under constant traffic while creating a positive atmosphere.

Doctor's Offices

CorkCore is ideal in doctor's offices where they can be easily installed from the waiting room, to the corridors, and into the patient exam rooms. Pick from nearly a dozen available colors and enjoy the easy maintenance and excellent sound absorption CorkCore provides.

Medical Center Elevator Vestibules

Keep your healthcare facility quiet, clean, and attractive with products by Expanko.


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