Stadium VIP Seating

Premiere seats deserve premiere floors. XCR5 cork/rubber flooring is a sustainable and smart choice for your VIP, luxury, and club areas. Wide range of colors, long list of benefits. 

Recreation Centers

XCR5 cork rubber flooring has superior colorfastness so you can rely on it to remain true to the design you selected for your entertainment space. It's excellent noise-reducing properties allow for socializing without all the noise of clacking heels. It's slip resistant for a safer environment and extremely durable to stand up to visitor traffic.

Stadium Club Seating

This unique blend of cork and rubber flooring is perfect for busy areas like this. XCR5 has superior colorfastness and seams that can be welded for a seamless floor. Water-resistant and naturally-occurring inhibitors that resist the growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold are just a few of the many benefits of this FloorScore-certified recycled cork and homogenous rubber product.


XCR5 cork/rubber flooring is the perfect floor for museums and public spaces where you want to keep noise to a minimum, support the comfort of walking and browsing patrons, and be ensured that the daily wear of a high-traffic environment won't cause your floor to fail. With so many colors to choose from, you can pick your favorite to flow from room to room, or create a different look for each area, all with the same long list of benefits.

Dance Studios

Put a bounce into your step with Reztec! Dance, yoga, and other fitness studios benefit from the resilience of Reztec recycled rubber flooring, available in a wide range of colors and patterns. With SCS certified recycled content, this sustainable flooring choice contributes toward LEED credits and has the durability needed to stand up to the pounding of feet.

Rock Climbing Facilities

XCR5 cork/rubber flooring is up to the challenge! Supporting highly active spaces, this durable floor available in custom design is ideal in spaces with abusive foot traffic.


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