Workplace Environments

Corporate Training Centers

CorkCore is a highly durable, acoustically quiet, and easy-to-maintain flooring solution suitable for corporate environments like training centers. Its sound absorption properties help keep attendees' focus on speakers, and the attractive aesthetic lends professionalism to any presentation.

Office Conference Rooms

Cork floors use a soft material that “bounces back” when stepped upon. Its comfortability makes it a popular choice in corporate environments like conference rooms. Expanko's Heirloom is a naturally resilient floor with a warm, natural aesthetic that is inviting and easy to maintain. 

Office Multipurpose Rooms

For rooms with many uses, turn to a versatile flooring solution like Prestige for a durable and easy-to-maintain floor that offers a beautiful visual and can stand up to foot and wheeled traffic.

Open Concept Office Spaces

For open office concept spaces, XCR5 flooring offers a unique blend of recycled cork and rubber that is a colorful, water resistant, and hardwearing so you can be sure it will stand up to foot traffic and office equipment.


Workplace cafeterias are casual environments that see their fair share of abuse in the form of daily foot traffic, food spills, and other wear and tear. Rubber flooring systems like Sereniti and Reztec offer much-needed stain resistance, low maintenance, and antimicrobial & antifungal properties. Dazzling design, too!


Collaboration Rooms

Naturally ergonomic, Prestige, offers both comfort, noise reduction, and style for casual office spaces like collaboration rooms. Let everyone's ideas be heard!

Office Building Stairways

ADA-compliant stair treads from Sereniti offer increased protection in your office building. Stair treads are easy to install in two formats with visually-impaired strips available in several colors.

Office Hallways

Hallways and other workplace corridors see a moderate amount of foot traffic on a daily basis and can take a beating after just a short time. Cork flooring will meet this challenge year after year and its classic aesthetic will never go out of style.

Corporate Lunch Rooms

Cork floors will look attractive and last for years in busy spaces like your corporate break or lunch rooms. Water resistant and easy to clean and maintain, your employees, visitors, and cleaning crews will love these sound-absorbent, stain-resistant floors.


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